Incorporating A Green Community Concept

Incorporating A Green Community Concept

Keeping with the natural surroundings of mountains and rolling fields, Cowichan Condos is considering many green concepts for the community. By recognizing the need to reduce our carbon footprint, Cowichan Condos Inc. is finding products that align with the natural environment creating an earth-friendly community.

The project is considering using natural resources such as rainwater harvesting, significantly reducing water waste by using rainwater to support a community garden, an outdoor car wash and dog wash.

The following are just a few concepts for consideration:

• Electric Bike Charging Stations

• Electric Scooter Charging Stations

• Electric Vehicle Sharing (Car Sharing)

• Rainwater Harvesting

• Outdoor Gym

• Biodegradable Chemicals for Outdoor Carwash

• Property maintenance done by quieter electric landscaping tools

• Library in/out book sharing

• Tesla power wall and solar cells

• Community outdoor barbecue gathering area

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