Cowichan Condos Project Update

Cowichan Condos Project Update

Cowichan Condos Inc. has created a great team. As Shareholders, we appreciate and acknowledge your participation in the project. Cowichan Condos Inc. is developing a community for the middle/working class population. Doing a project of this size requires a capable team as trying to accomplish this project individually would be challenging; together, we will build, design, and construct a brand-new community.

We can accomplish our construction goal of 777 units. The project started at 430 units and has progressed to 777 units. With your financial support by way of additional funding (loans or mortgages), the project can continue to reach our goal of 777 units.

To keep the project on course, we are still seeking additional funding to purchase the most sought-after development land in the Cowichan Valley. Your participation in this unique, modern, and original designed residential complex is providing the middle/working class with an opportunity to live within a well-planned, eco-friendly community.

The 0% vacancty rate is affecting the middle/working class and the ability to find a rental unit is becoming increasingly challenging. The District of North Cowichan supports this project as all indications suggest the housing crisis is hampering commercial development within the district as well as employment statistics.



• Mortgages short term, between 1 and 2 years
• Mortgages open and pay 5% Interest on 1st ’s and 8% on 2nd ’s
• Bonus % equity ownership into Cowichan Condos Inc which owns the entire project, proposed to be worth $211 million

Mortgage Table


Stewardship has its benefits! Partners get the use of a beautiful fully furnished 3-bedroom penthouse apartment with gorgeous field and mountain views.