Cowichan Condos

Cowichan Condos Inc. is a real estate development Company that is building a phased development project of 3 and 5 story apartments, for rent, in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC. Canada.

The Municipality of North Cowichan is progressive and would like to see the supply of affordable housing increase. The Company offers a range of housing types and tenures to serve local residents through all stages of life, both apartments, and senior living.

The project will be divided into 5 phases. Phase 1 will take about one year to complete ( summer 2021) and will be approximately 222 apartments . The fall of 2021, phases 2 and 3, the second set of apartment rentals will be completed. The last few phases, 4 and 5, will be six months later at the fall of 2021/beginning of 2022. The only time delay is zoning. The development can progress at a fast rate, once zoning is in place. Once in place, it is anticipated building will start within three months, and be continuous until complete.

The purpose of sustainable design and green building is to achieve sustainable living. To do this, Cowichan Condos will attempt to make best possible use of the assets at hand. Households in apartment buildings with five or more units use much less energy than the average for all households, and those in newer units use even less energy than those in older ones.

Cowichan Condos affordable housing seeks to do more than simply create decent spaces for living. Instead, our new affordable housing model will incorporate sustainable features that reduce the cost of construction maintenance, technologies that help empower residents and connect them to outside resources, and greater reverence for human scale and connection to the street — beneficial features that Cowichan Condos can only hope to see more of in the future. The units are being designed with the residents’ quality of life in mind: each unit layout creates a variety of amenity spaces and outlooks.

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